Understand, Anticipate And Assess With Precision.

The Commander’s intent is clear. There will be a steady drumbeat of information designed to support each objective. However, dozens of socio-cultural, political and economic factors will drastically change what the “ground truth” is and you will have to quickly develop messaging for dissemination.  Understand and plan more effectively by “seeing” the narrative and being able to anticipate and respond to emerging media trends.

Overlay your Measures of Performance against how the narrative has changed over time and start briefing meaningful Measures of Effectiveness. In time you will see “tells” from the adversary as they conduct disinformation efforts. Beyond just anticipating issues, advanced predictive analytics can help you forecast the likelihood of key events.  Our tools are language agnostic so you can develop accurate situational awareness from wherever you operate around the world.  Today, government agencies, embassies and commercial clients rely on our media analysis and predictive analytics tools for mission-critical insights. Find out how we can support you by clicking below.