Know The Narrative. Spend Smarter.

Campaigns live or die by how well they message and how well they use limited resources to communicate.  Our tool operates like a data management platform which is something campaign professionals already know very well. We show you the narrative for a given issue in the same way that you buy ads – by segmenting the target audience. How does a 35 year old Hispanic Republican women in Los Angeles view a certain issue? How does that differ from the way a 23 year old white male from rural Kentucky views the same issue?

We can track how your messaging is shaping the narrative over time so that you can better understand how to more effectively conduct media buys, anticipate the next story, and remain proactive throughout the campaign. And while we don't necessarily replace focus groups and polling research, we can provide a “sanity check” to make sure that the models used by your analytics experts are working.  We provide an effective research tool that is also economical.  You can log in to our tool every day to see how issues are perceived by key audiences instead of relying on a written report that was compiled before a big scandal broke for or against the candidate. Find out how we can help your campaign today by clicking below.