Communicate Better. Demonstrate Your Success.

Firms conducting awareness and outreach campaigns that don’t have measurable behaviors like point of sale require tools that can help them clearly understand their audience, develop messaging and measure the results of their efforts. Relying on keywords, shares and search strings just doesn’t go far enough.  Exovera Narratives™ shows you how narratives trend over time and allows you to see how different demographic segments view the same narrative.  After all, a duck hunting nature enthusiast in Missouri has a very different perspective from a fisherman in San Francisco.  We can also identify emerging trends. That means that you’ll almost never get an email from a client asking why you didn’t anticipate changes in coverage.  Isn’t it time for a tool that can show you how the narrative on a given issue plays out by location and demographic?

Measuring the effectiveness of outreach campaigns is inherently difficult. Every client really wants to know just a few simple things. Did we “move the needle?”  “How can we improve the next campaign?” “How much of the success is due to our efforts?” “What was our ROI?” Contact us to find out how you can distinguish your firm from the competition with a media analytics tool that was designed by public outreach experts for public outreach experts.